About Hult


Hult International Business School is an institution of higher education, located in six business capitals across the globe. During the course of my BBA studies, I will be able to study at four of these campuses, located in San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai. Master candidates can in addition to these four, study at the New York rotation center and the Boston campus.


Hult´s mission is simple: to create the most relevant global learning experience possible. They believe this requires examining the traditional model of business education, questioning its relevance and effectiveness, and making changes to their school, and their curriculum, based on real market insight. To business people, that sounds like common sense. In the education sector, it’s revolutionary. In traditional business schools, response to the outside world is slow, and outdated modes of practice are the norm. Hult is not that kind of a business school. That is also why I chose to apply for Hult.

In 1964, Hult International Business School was established in Boston as America’s first corporate university, then known as the Arthur D. Little School of Management. Focused on delivering a practical business education for managers, the teaching pedagogy was different from other business schools because it emphasized “action learning” – applying classroom theory in the real world. In 2003, one of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs, Bertil Hult, had a vision to create the world’s first global business school. And Hult International Business School was born.

Today, Hult are the world’s most international business school. With locations in six of the world’s most influential business capitals, degree programs engineered to enable students to move between campuses, a student body representing more than 140 nationalities, and a faculty that combine global experience with local expertise. The school is ranked among the best in the world. The Financial Times placed Hult in the top 1% of business schools worldwide ranking, and The Economist has ranked Hult in the top 50 business schools in the world. Bloomberg Businessweek ranked Hult 21st for Best International Business School, and 10th for Employer Satisfaction in 2014.

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The Bachelor of Business Administration program

I am attending the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Hult´s San Francisco campus. At Hult you can choose to split your time between our undergraduate campuses in San Francisco and London any way you like as you earn your U.S.-accredited Bachelor degree. So you could spend one year in London, and the next in San Francisco. Or you could spend the full four years of your degree in either city, the choice is yours. You also have the option to spend your summers studying at Hult´s locations in Dubai and Shanghai as you earn credits towards your Bachelor degree.

Years One and Two are structured to give you a strong foundation in international business. In Years Three and Four you can specialize in the area of business you’d most like to pursue, and put theory to the test as you gain hands-on experience with practical projects. For students that have completed education that in the US qualifies as higher education, may have credits transferred towards their Bachelor degree, which I have done. You need 120 credits to qualify for your Bachelor degree, and in my case I had 30 credits transferred, which means that I will only have to study for three more years, with an average of 10 classes per year, to qualify for my Bachelor degree.

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