5 Tips & Tricks to get a head start on your global degree

Arriving myself only eight months ago, I still have a fresh memory of the first few tough days as an undergraduate student at Hult, studying in another language than my own for the first time. Now I realize there were a few key things I did that made the transition a lot smoother, which allowed me to start participating and getting the most out of my time as quickly as possible. These are my top 5 tips for incoming Hult students.


1. Have a chat with your Academic Advisor

Early in the welcoming and orientation activities you will learn who is your personal Academic Advisor. This advisor can help you with just about anything that has to do with your academics, including transfer credits, courses, rotation and professors. I consulted my Academic Advisor on the second day of Orientation, when we were registering for our first courses. After that, I’ve had a quick chat with my Advisor every time I’ve registered for courses in the upcoming terms. This way you’ll also be sure that you haven’t registered for courses that doesn’t fit into your worksheet, which could mean you would have to take more courses overall to finish your degree.


2. Switch the language on your phone and computer to English

When working with fellow students, faculty and IT support, it is very helpful for everyone if your devices have their language set to English. The same goes for your keyboard. In addition, this helps you to start thinking in English, which is helpful both when multitasking and communicating with your peers.


3. Start reading English language newspapers

As a Hult student, you’ll get access to several academic resources, including academic journals. You will also get access to the full online version of the Wall Street Journal. A short time before I joined Hult, I stopped reading the news in my native language and started reading the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, New York Times and CNN. This is also a quick fix to start evolving your English vocabulary.


4. Get Involved on campus

Attend all of the events on campus, and explore the many clubs and societies during the Club fair. In San Francisco, you’re also lucky to be able to attend the postgraduate guest speaker lectures. Since I joined Hult, I’ve attended about 25 guest speaker events in San Francisco and Dubai. Also, start talking to your peers and make friends. If you have the chance, consider volunteering for on-campus projects and programs, including events like the Hult Prize Regionals event (which I found to be very rewarding).


5. Connect with every professional you meet, including professors

One thing you’ll learn early on in your degree is the importance of networking. When you attend events, like guest speaker sessions or career fairs, you will be surrounded by people that could be the key to your first job. Don’t forget, at Hult you will have professors that also have industry expertise and that are working professionals, so also connect with them. Start working on your LinkedIn profile, order business cards (you can order 250 complementary Hult business cards from MyHult), and connect with every professional you meet.


I hope you found these tips helpful. Good luck!