What makes Hult unique – in every way

One of the aspects I found most compelling about Hult is their value proposition: the ability to study business in an international environment, with people from all over the world, in classrooms all over the world. Hult, and indeed Hult’s undergraduate program, is unique in so many ways that you might not actually realize before you enroll. For example, did you know that when you graduate from Hult you might be eligible for not only a US degree, but both a US and a UK accredited bachelor degree? Did you know that most of your classes will consist of 50 students or less? And did you know that Hult International Business School, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation, are the two sponsoring organizations of the Hult Prize competition, with participating teams from just about any major institution in the world, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale and many others? Let me point out some of the aspects that make your Hult-degree unique – In every way!

The campuses
Hult have seven campuses located around the world. During my undergraduate studies I will be able to study and rotate to five of these campuses, located in the United Kingdom (London and Ashridge), the United States (San Francisco), China (Shanghai), and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). For your undergraduate degree, you will be able to choose between two home campuses; San Francisco and London. My home campus is San Francisco. You can choose to rotate between the two campuses for the whole academic year, or during the two summer terms. The two summer terms last for six weeks each, with the first one starting in mid-April, and the second one starting in late-June. During the two summer terms you can also choose to rotate to Dubai, Shanghai or Ashridge. What all of these campuses have in common is their super-modern environment, their diverse student body, and their many amazing professors. Walking into the San Francisco campus during the busy afternoon period, when you see people through the transparent glass walls sitting in team-rooms working on business plans, marketing strategies, accounting and budgeting, you really get the feeling of being in a real business environment.

The career resources
The main purpose for your studies are probably to get a good career afterwords. Good thing then that Hult really focuses on making you as relevant as possible for your future employer. For example, you will attend a series of 1-credit courses aimed on giving you the essential skills that employers are looking for, like Excel/spreadsheet-skills, presentation skills, and public speaking skills, just to name a few. At Hult San Francisco, where I currently study, there are speaker-events happening every week. By speaker-events I’m not only talking about business professionals coming-in in their own capacity, but also what’s called Corporate Relations events where companies come in for recruitment purposes and sometimes even interview students for potential jobs or internships. For example, next week the campus here in San Francisco are hosting L´Oréal and their recruitment team for a whole evening. These events allow us to explore potential career paths and job opportunities. On campus we also have our career advisor that works with us personally to enable us to pursue our ultimate career. We can request appointments with the career advisor on every career-related topic, including resume-help, interview preparation, and career strategy planning.

The global degree and amazing faculty
Not many business students can say that they have experience with corporate and business culture in another country than their own. Even fewer can say that they have experience with business culture in two other countries than their own. Hult-students like myself, that plan to take full advantage of the ability to rotate between campuses, will graduate with business culture experience from four countries on three different continents. That in itself makes our Hult-degree unique. But there’s more. When you graduate from Hult you will in most cases be eligible for two degrees, of which one is a UK degree and the other is a US degree. The faculty is another matter; our professors have a lot of hands-on experience from the business world. At the Hult San Francisco-campus, we are lucky to have Hap Klopp, the founder of the North Face as we know it today, as a professor in the field of entrepreneurship. Hult is consistently ranked among the best business schools in the world, which is another aspect that add weight and value to your Hult-degree.

Your opinion, that actually matter
At Hult we’re heard when we have concerns, and our opinion is valued. Every time we’ve completed a course, we are asked to evaluate it through a student survey where we get to rate and comment on your professor and the course. If we have suggestions, regarding the academics or otherwise, the HSA (Hult Student Association) will take our suggestion up with the school’s executive leadership, and our suggestion might become a reality. Last year, the undergraduates at Hult here in San Francisco asked for a student lounge to relax and take a break in after intensive hours of study, and guess what? We got it! The faculty frequently update us on what’s going on with the program, and on how Hult is developing into an even better business school through so-called “Academic Huddles” where the students gather to hear the dean present changes and updates.

Your friends (that are from virtually everywhere)
I’d be surprised to learn of a place with as much unity as Hult. I expected it to be hard to find my place among my peers, as I was one of few students enrolling in the January intake. I was wrong. In the first few weeks I connected with people from just about any country you’ve ever heard of, and probably a couple that you haven’t heard of. We’ve all been in the same position, and therefor everyone tries their best to include the new members of the community. Of course it’s helpful, and highly recommended, to do what you can to involve yourself on campus. Another amazing thing about studying at the San Francisco campus is that we have the ability to connect with postgraduate students through clubs, societies and events that are open for all students.


My Hult-journey have been nothing short of amazing so far, and I can only imagine that it’ll get even better from here. Getting a good education is a huge investment, moving to a new city at a different continent is frightening, and enrolling at Hult is a big commitment. But thus far I’m certain; coming to Hult is the best decision of my life.