First few weeks; getting involved

After completing my initial three weeks of classes, I have already attended four speaker-events and a networking event, in addition to a Hult Prize volunteer-session and a Get Involved fair. Getting involved at Hult happens almost automatically, but you need to take the time to attend the events hosted on campus to get the most out of your first weeks. Trust me, there’s a lot of them!

During the last three weeks I’ve been introduced to people from tens of countries, and from all continents. Making friends with people from India, Ecuador, Argentina, the US, Brazil, France, Mexico, and the Philippines, just to mention the ones on top of my head, is simply amazing. In addition to meeting that many new people from that many countries, I’ve also taken the time to attend all speaker- and networking events. During the last three weeks we’ve had Corporate Relations events with representatives from Expedia and Sotheby’s International Realty. And last week, Jaymin Patel, the author of the book “The MBA Guide to Networking Like a Rockstar”, held an inspiring presentation on networking, and on how to stand out from the crowd.

In relation to the speaker event with Jaymin Patel, Hult introduced the Hult Alumni Mentorship Program, which is based on an online portal that let students connect with some of those among Hult’s more than 14.000 alumni, that has signed up for the program. This is a unique way for us, the students, to get a head start with our international careers after graduation. After the event we also had the opportunity to mingle and connect with some of Hult’s alumni.

Earlier this week, Grazia Bennett, a realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty, shared her story and background in one of the recent Corporate Relations events. Especially interesting to hear about her many shifts in career paths. Starting out in commercial banking after graduating with a MA in International Economics and International Relations, and soon moving on to investment banking. During this time she lived in both the US and Europe. Somehow she ended up in a totally different business, as a realtor in San Francisco. During her presentation she shared real market insight into the still growing SF realty market. She also talked about different ways of getting into the realty business, and gave several suggestions on how to gain crucial experience. Once again I was reminded about the importance of networking.

Elizabeth Tanya Masiyiwa on experiences from her time at -and her time after- Hult.

In addition to attending speaker events and networking events organized by campus staff, there are often events organized by clubs held on campus. The latest one being held today, with UNICEF-officer, recent Hult Prize finalist, and Hult Alumni Elizabeth Tanya Masiyiwa from Zimbabwe. Ms. Masiyiwa shared her experiences from both her time in the MSE-program (Master of Social Entrepreneurship) and her time after Hult. It was especially interesting to hear her talk about some of the projects that she’s involved with, that aim on solving some of the worlds most pressing issues, including lack of quality education in Africa and high child mortality.

What you quickly realize after becoming a part of the great Hult-community, is that Hult is about much more than academics, interesting courses, and astonishing professors. Hult is a place to connect not only with students, but with impactful business professionals. Hult is a place to mingle and share ideas with a truly global community. Hult is the place to truly get involved!