Step 4 (visa process): Interview at a US embassy

Your visa interview is the final step of the visa process, but also the step that requires the most preparation. In order to proceed with scheduling the interview, you will need to have; completed the declaration of finances, received your I-20, paid the SEVIS-fee, and completed the DS-160 online form.

Some parts of this article will be specific for Norway, and may differ between embassies world-wide. I would recommend checking your nearest US embassy’s website to find step by step guides for your country.

After completing your DS-160, start printing out all visa documents that you have completed so far, including the following:

  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • SEVIS-payment receipt
  • Declaration of Finances (DoF)
  • Proof of founding, including: bank statements, loan letters, and any other founding documentation. If you have received any scholarships or Financial Aid from Hult, you will also need to print out your Letter of Financial Support.
  • Official admissions letter from Hult (or any other school/university)

In addition to these documents, you will need to bring the following with you to your interview:

  • I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility) form
  • Passport-sized photographs (should be the same as the one you uploaded to your DS-160)
  • Your passport

Now, go to your embassy’s website to find the specific step-by-step guide for your country. You should schedule your interview well in advance of your start date, but remember that the Embassy cannot give you your visa stamp until 100 days before your program start date, at the earliest. Also keep in mind that there are long waiting lists at some embassies. Find the waiting-times for your embassy by pressing/clicking on this link. Find your closest Embassy by pressing/clicking on this link.

Preparing for your interview

You should meet up at the embassy 15 minutes before your scheduled time, at the latest. Security is tight, but as long as you follow the rules, have your papers in order, and arrive on time, you should be fine. Leave your mobile phone at home or in a locker room. You will not be allowed to take any electronic devices with you into the embassy. You may only carry with you small handbags or purses, no larger bags or backpacks (remember that these restrictions may vary between embassies).

Meet up properly dressed, and be polite (of course) to all staff and security. When it’s your turn to be interviewed, answer truthfully to all questions! Remember, you are under penalty of perjury, and under jurisdiction of the United States whenever inside a US embassy. Don’t prepare a speech, your interview will only last for a couple of minutes, and the officer will be asking the questions.

Good luck!