Step 2 (visa process): Paying your SEVIS-fee

To proceed with your visa application you will need to pay your SEVIS-fee (I-901) at the cost of $200, and print your receipt. Find the link further down in this article. You will need the SEVIS-ID provided when you apply for your visa through the online visa application, called DS-160. Also, you´ll have to bring your SEVIS receipt with you to your visa interview at an American embassy or consulate. For me, the US embassy in Oslo was closest.

After you’ve paid the fee and printed the receipt (also make sure you keep a digital copy, in case you loose the printed receipt), it’s time for you to go have your picture taken. The photo has to follow specific guidelines that can be found on the DS-160 website. Be sure that your picture is taken digitally, and that a digital copy is either given to you as a hard copy on a CD or memory stick, or sent to you by email. This because scanned photos not are accepted due to loss of quality.

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