Step 1 (visa process): Getting your I-20

Any foreigner wanting to study in the US is required to apply for a student or student-exchange visa, usually called an F-1 visa. Some students may also be eligible for a J-1 visa, where the terms of the visa are somewhat different. I will be acquiring a F-1 visa, and I therefore know little about the terms and process related to J-1.

In order to apply for your F-1 initial visa, you will have to receive an I-20 official form from the school you’ll be attending. The I-20 form is an official form issued by the Department of Homeland Security that is filled out by your university or school. Your school will require you to prove that you have your founding in order before they fill out your I-20 form. At Hult, you´ll have to fill out a Declaration of Finances (DoF) form where you place your founding in designated categories, accompanied by bank statements, loan letters, and financial support letters from sponsors. You will have to upload all of these documents to your Hult Online Student Application. At Hult, these documents can be found at MyHult. You will also receive the relevant documents from your Visa Coordinator when the time for starting your visa process arrives (approx. 120 days before the start date of your program).

After uploading all relevant visa documents (DoF, bank statements, support letters, loan letters etc.) to your online application, Hult will issue your I-20 and mail it to you. Be sure that they have the correct address.